At Grand River Medical Associates, we provide patient centered services.  Our medical staff welcome new patients and provide the following services on-site:

doctor visit

Annual Preventative Visit/Complete Adult Physical

This appointment is for primary prevention, to identify risk factors for common chronic diseases, to detect any disease that has no apparent symptoms (secondary prevention), as a way for the doctor to counsel you to promote healthy behavior, to update clinical data since last checkup, and to enhance the relationship between you and your doctor.

Smoking cessation

Smoking Cessation

The initial appointment will focus on mutual goal setting, education and developing an individualized treatment plan. Follow up appointments help you stay on track and keep you motivated.

diabetic education

Health Education

During initial visits, your physician will spend time with you developing a plan that can help you overcome the barriers you face in managing your diagnosis, develop problem-solving skills, coping skills and adopt healthy behaviors for diabetes, cholesterol and diet to ensure a successful outcome.



If you have chest pains or palpitations, an EKG can help determine if the heart is beating normally. An EKG measures the electricial activity of the heartbeat. Taking certain medications may affect the heart or if you have a pacemaker. An EKG can determine the immediate effects of changes in activity or medication levels. 

School/Sports Physical/Insurance Physical

Please bring all forms that need to be completed to your appointment and we'll be happy to fill them out for you.

lab service

Lab Services

We offer complete lab services for blood work, urinalysis, drug testing, pregnancy tests, flu test, strep test, H-Pylori test and TB testing in our office.

Pre surgical

Pre-Surgical Evaluation

Prior to your surgical procedure, your surgeon may require a complete health evaluation which may include an EKG and blood work. This can be done in our office and the results can be sent over to your surgeon.

sick patient

Established Patient Sick Visits

We offer same day sick visits. Please call first thing in the morning and we will make every effort to accommodate you.



Get your influenza vaccine, tetanus vaccine, and tdap vaccines right in our office.


Minor Procedures

These include mole removal, biopsy, suturing, suture removal and ear impaction removal.



We provide cortisone injections to reduce inflammation and pain along with B12 injections, and antibiotic injections.

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